The Tampa group that's been working to put a stop to discrimination, prejudice

Posted at 6:30 PM, Aug 16, 2017

A Tampa non-profit has been working for years to put an end to all types of discrimination in the Bay area, but current events makes one question if its possible. 

According to Community Tampa Bay, yes it is possible.

Community Tampa Bay works with local businesses by training discrimination in the workplace, they concentrate on working with school-aged kids and teach people how to talk about prejudice through dialogue. 

It's hard to say if we will see the end of discrimination right now, but one thing they will you tell is it starts with you. 

First, they tell people to know their self identity -- recognize what type of biases you have, and then address them. Whether it's a topic of race, religion, sexuality or ethnicity. 

Community Tampa Bay works will people to discover what makes them feel uncomfortable, and how to address it. 

One way, is open dialogue in a safe place. You need to find a place that will help you understand another person's beliefs or thoughts. 

Second, they ask people to talk things out and remind people it's okay to feel uncomfortable. 

"So we are teaching people how to not prioritize their comfort over other people's safety and freedom," said Executive Director Jennifer Yeagley. 

Yeagley points out to recognize when people reach out to you about any form of discrimination, "if they did feel prejudice or discrimination, believe them, validate that, don't minimize that."

Community Tampa Bay said on Wednesday that they've been having people reach out to them about what they should be doing to help make a difference in the divide. 

Yeagley recommends people to speak up -- because every time you don't say something, it's part of the problem. 

If someone says something that you find offensive, or prejudice, try saying something like 'what you said really made me feel uncomfortable, can we talk about it.'

You can learn more about Community Tampa Bay here.