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Tampa teen invites HCSO deputy to graduation after rear-ending patrol vehicle

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jun 07, 2021

TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa teen invited a Hillsborough County deputy to his graduation after rear-ending her patrol vehicle on the interstate.

Quintin Montgomery said he was driving on I-275 in Tampa when traffic suddenly stopped. He hit the vehicle ahead of him.

"I was traveling to work actually going to work. I was on I-275 and was trying to get into the downtown lane," said 18-year-old Quintin Montgomery.

The deputy was not injured but got out of her vehicle to check on the other driver.

"He was real upset. I just tried to calm him down and just tell him it was really no big deal. It was an accident. These things happen all the time," said Sgt. Vance with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Montgomery said the two chatted for at least an hour while waiting on another deputy to arrive and complete a crash report. Montgomery did not receive a ticket.

The teen invited the deputy to his graduation on May 28 at Jefferson High School.

"I told her I had to graduate the next day and then I wasn't actually sure they would come to my graduation," said the teen.

"I feel like they cared about my safety. Even though I wasn't hurt. I think they cared for my safety," said Montgomery.

The deputy stated the teen was not distracted or speeding. Both vehicles had minor damage.

The deputy attended Montgomery's graduation so she could congratulate him.

"These tiny moments where you make a little bit of an impact in someone's life. I'm happy that I got to hopefully do that for him," said Sgt. Vance.


"That was actually a good feeling because even though I wasn't hurt or anything, they still came up to check on me so it made me feel like they actually cared about my health or something like that," said Montgomery.

"Just drive safe," he added.