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Tampa teen helps people celebrate milestones during pandemic

The teen started a business using yard signs
Posted at 10:00 PM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-21 23:24:23-04

WESTCHASE, Fla. -- A Hillsborough County teen found a way to help people celebrate milestones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrew Buck, 16, started a business called "EPIC Yard Cards."

He wanted to help people celebrate holidays, birthdays and graduations during the pandemic. He has also placed signs outside schools to let teachers know they're appreciated.

"When COVID happened, parties had to be shut down and people couldn't really hang out anymore. We thought to put these signs up for people doing drive-by parties," said Andrew Buck.


His latest assignment was outside the Discovery Village at Westchase, a senior living community. He donated his time and placed letters in the yard. The final product spelled, "We Love Our Seniors."

National Senior Citizens Day is Friday, August 21.

"We're looking to do anything that we can right now to brighten our senior's day so they sit out on the front porch. I thought it would be great for them to look at the sign. We love our seniors so we want to make them happy," said Alison Raab with Discovery Village at Westchase.

Buck also donated his time and placed signs outside Sickles High School. A message there read: "Welcome Back Teachers."

Buck also uses his business to give back to the Lyme Disease Association. His younger brother has Lyme Disease.

For some projects, he donates his time, but he started the business as a way to earn money to buy a car. He said he learned how to manage money and enjoys making people smile.

"It's definitely a way to bring happiness. People thought it was pretty much over since COVID is here, we can't really do much, but bringing these signs out, they realized, no, it's okay, we can all still have fun," said Buck.

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