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Tampa Garden Club helps beautify Hillsborough County for 94 years

Tampa Garden Club
Posted at 5:10 AM, May 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 12:32:10-04

PALMA CEIA, Fla. — The Tampa Garden Club is a beautiful venue that sits right on Bayshore Boulevard next to Fred Ball Park in the heart of Palma Ceia.

The Tampa Garden Club started in 1928 and was organized for women to have a voice.

"I love the tradition of the garden club. I love the tradition that it was really activism for the women, you know, and now women have so many other outlets that they don't necessarily need this. But you know, I think it's important, we are one of the last green spaces here," explained Michele Vatalaro, Tampa Garden Club President. "The goal was always to have a teaching garden and we will be approaching 100 years we have I think we've got about five or six years to go the organization actually started in 1927, but formalized in 1928. So we are beginning to plan for that. And we hope to be able to add a teaching garden. And you know, just have more reasons for people to stroll the grounds."

The goal of the club was also to come together and help beautify the city. A mission that still stands true today.

There are eight garden clubs that operate under the Tampa Garden Club umbrella and all help give back to the community.

"The clubs are about education of horticulture, of the environment, of landscape design, of flower design, and also to engage the community and the children. In doing those things we support, the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs supports an outdoor camp at Wekiva Springs in conjunction with the state of Florida. So all of the circles here provide support for that they go and they volunteer, it's for kids, I think up through eighth grade, and to get them engaged with the environment and being outdoors and being stewards of the environment. We plant trees, we hold classes, we invite the community in and try and preserve our green space here on Bayshore," Michele Vatalaro, Tampa Garden Club President said.

The clubs also award community grants, scholarships and help plant trees for Habitat for Humanity.

In turn, the building of the Tampa Garden club serves as a beautiful event venue.

Every dollar that is spent here helps go back into the community to serve the mission of the club.

"The money that we receive when we rent the venue is really what funds our ability to keep the property looking nice for the rest of the community. And now that we are in this kind of crazy busy season, as I'm sure you're hearing from a lot of other wedding professionals, those funds are really helping us do things in the community and offer a space backup to the community."

The venue is practically booked every Saturday for the next 18 months but some Fridays and Sundays are also available.

You can read more about the Garden Club and all that they offer by clicking here.