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Tampa family creates business centered around zero waste products

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Posted at 3:50 PM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 15:50:05-04

TAMPA, Fla. — It’s one thing to talk about reducing the amount of trash that’s coming out of our homes, but one Tampa family decided to actually do something about it. They created a new online company that only sells zero-waste products.

Sheila Haque’s household can be chaotic at times, after all, she has three kids, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t care about using products that are safe for the environment. However, finding them can sometimes be a challenge.

“As a busy mom I can’t spend hours and hours looking for a product, I just want to go to one website or go to one store,” said Haque.

So Sheila decided to take it upon herself to do something, creating her own business Embrace Less Waste.

“You can have a business that is profitable and still do the right thing,” said Haque. “These kids they are our future so it’s time to do something.”

On the website, Sheila is slowly building a database of American-made zero-waste products.

“It's an easy swap instead of buying product X from your local grocery store there is an alternative,” said Haque.

You’ll find hand soap that comes in a dissolvable tablet.

“You wait 15 minutes and you have soap,” said Haque.

Another item is a sturdy, reusable, set of silverware.

“So if you are traveling or ordering Uber Eats you can have this and refuse the plastic cutlery,” said Haque.

You won’t find many plastic bags in Sheila’s house. She is proud to be promoting so many small businesses that have the same goals as her own family.

“So these are Z Wraps, they are from a lady named Michelle, and she started making these in her own house because she wanted an alternative to saran wrap,” said Haque, showing off another product in her own kitchen.

Sheila’s daughters have also embraced the new family business and are helping mom any way they can.

“I think it’s very cool, amazing, and I’m very proud of her,” said 12-year-old Kayla.