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Tampa Bay kids, teens find their voice at new Voice Acting Institute

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Posted at 3:45 PM, Nov 17, 2021

TAMPA, Fla. — There’s a new institute that’s urging kids to stop texting, put down the phone and instead use their voice. The Voice Acting Institute is not only passionate about building careers but life skills and they are accepting new students across Tampa Bay.

“After a few classes I was able to realize that I had this kind of potential,” said 15-year-old Shirya Sharma.

Sharma is among the first students to join the new Voice Acting Institute, founded by Stanley Fisher, who has been the voice behind hundreds of commercials dating back 20 years.

“I now want to give it back in a very powerful way to the community, to the kids and to teens most importantly,” said Fisher. “People think it’s about the voice and it’s so much more, you are truly embodying a moment, you are taking on the perspective of a writer.”

These students said the lessons go way beyond preparing you for auditions, they prepare you for life.

“I definitely think that it builds up your confidence because as a voice actor its all about talking and bringing your point across,” said 13-year-old Piper Grace.

“I feel like as an individual in my personal life I have definitely grown, communicating with new people especially as a new person in the United States,” said Sharma.

Fisher said he’s seen first hand, with his own niece and nephew, there is a widening gap when it comes to basic, face to face, communication.

“The whole point in sharing this is to truly help people find empowerment in their voice, in their thoughts, and to know that they can be a powerful person, a powerful creator,” said Fisher.

The institute is continuously adding new coaches who are available for lessons in person or online.

“Even if you don't make it as a voice actor, all of these skills can be used when you step into a corporate environment or job or family or church,” said Fisher.

However, for now, most of his students are dreaming big.

“I hope to be on TV and to build a career out of this,” said Grace.

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