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Strangers raise money to help dog paralyzed after being hit by car

Oden will need surgery next week
Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 23:39:33-05

TAMPA, Fla. -- Strangers are raising money to help a dog get the surgery he needs after he was hit by a car.

Lynda McNair and Michelle Pate said the 1-year-old dog needs money for surgery at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital in Gainesville.

Currently, Oden is staying at Pebble Creek Animal Hospital for medical boarding.

"Oden has a great spirit. He wants to get up and wants to walk. He wants to be your friend," said Dr. Rachel Manjos, an associate veterinarian at Pebble Creek Animal Hospital.

Dr. Manjos said Oden is paralyzed in his hind legs. He can't move but still has feeling in his legs.

"He is not completely paralyzed. He has some nerve sensation. When you pinch his toe, he can still draw back his foot," said Dr. Manjos.

Pate found Oden after the dog was hit by a car. The ladies said the original owner allowed them to take the dog.

"He's just starving for attention. If you walk away, he whines. He just wants to be loved. He's as sweet as can be," said Lynda McNair.

Oden struggles to walk. His surgery is scheduled for next week.

"He has a great love for people and food," said Dr. Manjos.

The ladies said the surgery will be expensive. McNair said they are short thousands of dollars.

People can donate money to a GoFundMe page. Maxx and Me pet rescue, a non-profit, is also taking donations.

Donors are asked to specifically mention that the donation is for Oden's medical care.

You can click here for more information on Maxx and Me pet rescue. Those looking to donate to the GoFundMe page can click here.

"It wasn't his fault this happened to him. He's a really good dog. He was just in the wrong place," said McNair.