State Attorney releases dozens of emails in Julie Schenecker murder case

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jan 27, 2014

The State Attorney's office released dozens of personal emails from Julie Schenecker, 52, accused of murdering her son and daughter in 2011.

They paint a better picture of Schenecker's mental health problems and family conflicts right before the murders.
One of those emails is written by Julie Schenecker herself.  It's riddled with misspellings.

She says her children have bad attitudes and that she "will end this soon." It's an e-mail she wrote on the eve of her children's murders.
In 55 pages of personal emails, her husband, Colonel Parker Schenecker, says his wife refused to get help and her bi-polar disorder only got worse over their nearly 20-year marriage.
Colonel Schenecker writes in one e-mail, she spends "... LOTS of time in bed. Lots of slurred speech, speaking as if her tongue was thick, VERY slow physical movements and thought/reaction."
The documents just released by the state reveal the New Tampa mom was prescribed medication including lithium, but drank alcohol, physically abused her two kids, and drove recklessly.
Her husband says the kids were eventually banned from riding with her in the car saying: "The kids tell me they don't feel safe when Julie drives. Beau refuses to let her drive him to soccer, as he says she nearly misses the mailbox and turns in front of a car going to the practice fields."
Schenecker is charged with killing 13-year-old Beau and 16-year-old Calyx inside their New Tampa home.

The correspondence shows her relationship with her daughter was tense.
Her husband calls her a disaster and goes on to say: "I plan to ask her to move out of the house, at least to a treatment center so she can regain her stability."

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.