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Singer returns home during pandemic to write a love song about Florida

Artist comes home
Posted at 3:52 PM, Mar 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-26 15:52:18-04

TAMPA BAY, Fla- — Leaving New York for Florida due to the pandemic was one of the toughest decisions singer/song writer Camille Trust ever had to do. One year later, she says she couldn’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be.

The move inspired her to write a new single, “Florida,” released Friday on all streaming platforms.

“I always had my sights on moving to New York and becoming a singer, that was always my dream and my passion,” said Trust.

For eight years, Trust lived that dream.

“I sang backup for Sean Mendez on Saturday Night Live and for the MTV VMAs,” said Trust.

Then in the Spring of 2020, during a trip back to visit her family, everything changed.

“A two week vacation turned into a year,” said Trust.

This soul, pop, funk, R and B talent with the world at her fingertips felt lost.

“Your industry is completely shut down, you can’t do what you love to do,” said Trust.

Then one day Camille took a walk down to the backyard dock, a place she’s found comfort since she was a little girl, and she began to write.

“It’s almost as if I was re-falling in love with an old flame,” said Trust. “And so I started to draw inspiration from my surroundings, from the people who I love, the place that I love.”

What she came up with was a love letter to Florida disguised as a song.

“So take me back to Florida, what I would do just to hold ya,” are the lyrics that she hopes will galvanize listeners of all ages.

It also didn’t take long to dive into a music video in the calming waters of Lake Alfred, behind the house where she grew up. The video has yet to be released.

“Just showing that these waters raised me and take me back to this place,” said Trust.

As she sits in her childhood home with Emily, the same best friend she’s had since elementary school, Camille knows Florida isn’t just the name of her song or her state, its who she is.

“And you’re like, ‘wow,’ there are actually some really beautiful aspects about this place and these people know me and I know these people,” said Trust.