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Scottish heritage lives on in exterior cleaning business

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Posted at 1:21 PM, Jul 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-08 18:39:31-04

LUTZ, Fla. — There’s a new company in Lutz that’s not afraid to show a little leg, but don’t worry, it’s very family-friendly.

It’s called Men In Kilts and when they arrive at your door you’re getting exactly what you asked for.

“I get to walk around being Scottish all day long and it earns us money,” said franchise owner William McKissock, who proudly wears his kilt to every appointment.

McKissock is the real deal, born and raised in the small town of Ayr, in the southwest of Scotland, before moving his family to America in 2011.

“It’s beautiful, and I’m from there, but I didn’t want to live and die in the same place,” said McKissock. “So we took the opportunity to move to a different country and start a new life.”

William is proving that you can take the man out of Scotland, but you’ll never take Scotland out of the man. This year he became the first Tampa Bay franchise owner of the exterior house cleaning service, Men In Kilts.

“Everybody, my cousins in Scotland, my family, everybody thinks it's wonderful I’m doing this business, we are wearing the kilts and I’m advertising Scotland, I’m a walking advertisement for Scotland,” said McKissock.

He is happy to share his family heritage and country’s history with his clients, but there is usually one question that stands out among all the rest.

“What do you wear under your Kilt? I say shoes and socks,” said McKissock. “Like Marilyn Monroe, you have to keep an eye on things.”

No matter where you are from, every employee wears a kilt, but learning the bagpipes is optional.