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RV sales surging during pandemic as 'COVID campers' help travelers feel safe

"COVID Campers" help travelers feel safer
Posted at 4:46 PM, May 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-27 18:57:55-04

DOVER, Fla. — Many people who are tired of being on lockdown are ready for a vacation. Across the country, there are reports that RV sales are on the rise.

Tom and Lee Ann Kovalak just bought a brand new RV. They say it was a decision based on the pandemic.

“The coronavirus is really what made the decision for us because we’ve been camping in our home right along and haven’t gone out," said Tom Kovalak.

Now, they are more than ready to get out and go to New Jersey to visit their grand kids.

“This is the best thing to drive in at this point. Who knows what the new normal is going to be and we feel we’ll be safe and sound. We will only have to get out to get gas," said Lee Ann.

At RV One in Dover, they say sales are up at least 25% in recent months as people are making the decision based on COVID-19 - that includes many first time buyers.

Some are calling these RVs “COVID campers.”

“People are looking to be safe these days with everything going on out there. It’s their own bed. They put their food in it. They know where their family is. They can keep it clean," said RV One regional manager Anthony Sahli.

It might be a while before most people feel comfortable with air travel or taking a cruise to get away.

“We don’t really want to go to hotels, go to restaurants and possibly pick up the bacteria because we are both in the later parts of our lives and we have to worry about our health," said Tom.

Some RV’s cost around hundreds of thousand of dollars, but RV One says its biggest seller is less than $70,000.

RV rental services like Outdoorsy and RV Share are also reporting a major surge in reservations.