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Parking lot bingo remains a big hit for seniors

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Posted at 7:38 AM, Mar 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 15:51:51-04

Hillsborough County Aging Services closed their centers two years ago due to the pandemic and they have yet to reopen. However, that doesn’t mean they still aren’t going above and beyond for our seniors.

Parking lot bingo began as a safe outlet for seniors during the pandemic and it turned into a can’t miss party every month.

“We mention the event, the outdoor event, and the slots get filled up within the first three or four days,” said Frances Duran Brea, with Hillsborough County Aging Services.

Armed with their sheets, markers and winning attitudes, these seniors are grateful outdoor social functions are still available two years later.

“I'm a cancer survivor twice over, I have to really watch it being around people, I prefer it outside,” said Betty Rice.

Parking lot bingo Robert Boyd WFTS.png

“It gives us morale, happiness, meeting our old friends,” said Carolyn Henderson.

While a lot of society has gotten back to normal, seniors are still in need of these activities because of their age and vulnerability.

“Oh yes, yes, social isolation is a big issue among seniors and older adults so we knew we had to find alternative methods,” said Brea.

For Aging Services, they don’t know who enjoys the games more, the seniors or the staff.

“Our number one qualification to work with aging services is to have a love of seniors,” said Brea.

Even when Aging Services does eventually open back up their centers, they’ll always look to the parking lot with fondness and appreciation.

“Oh it’s priceless, to see them smiling and laughing and interacting with each other,” said Brea. “I had the best time of my life here today,” said Marketa Reed.

The next parking lot bingo game is scheduled for March 25 for more information click here.