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Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife gets new property to help rescue even more injured animals

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jan 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-02 19:56:59-05

ODESSA, Fla. -- Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife has saved thousands of injured animals around the Tampa Bay area over the last five years.

Now, they have a new property that will help them save even more.

For the last five years, zoologist Kris Porter has been operating Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife out of her home with a team of volunteers.

In that time, the nonprofit has saved thousands of animals like turtles, snakes, birds and mammals.

Now, Owl’s Nest has a new property on five acres of land where they plan to rescue and rehabilitate even more of Florida's wildlife.

"It changes how the rehab is done. I’m really good at maneuvering things for five years. We just did 2,800 animals last year again through my house so this will change things. We’ll get there flight cages built. There will be less driving," said Porter.

Owl's Nest volunteers have only been on the property for 6 weeks and already have a medical room and a room for reptiles and birds.

They say it’ll take six month or more to finish construction, including flight cages and fencing an area for orphaned baby fawns.

The animals with the worst injuries will still be treated at Porter's home to give them 24-hour care.

They also hope to build an educational center to help people understand the importance of saving animals.

"If you can touch it, understand it, and see it, you want to save that animal," said Porter

For more information on Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife or learn how you can help, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook.