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Nurse saves young student's life after he was hit by a baseball

The nurse performed CPR
Posted at 10:48 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 23:35:34-05

RUSKIN, FLA.- A nurse who saved the life of a young athlete worked to get more AEDs in Hillsborough County Schools.

Katie Patel, a nurse, performed CPR after Patrick Plunkett Jr. was hit in the chest by a baseball.

It happened in 2017 at an All Star Baseball Tournament in Ocala. Patel was there watching her son in the batting cages.

"It hit him square in the chest and he collapsed. When that happened, several people ran out onto the field, myself, the umpire, the coach was there and another nurse," said Patel.

Plunkett survived and has no complications. He does not remember much from that day in 2017.

"After I came back, I was really confused why there was 10 adults over me," said Plunkett.

"Luckily, Katie was there to do CPR with a couple of people and saved me," he added.

On Wednesday, Patel gave five automated external defibrillators (AED) to Lennard High School.

Plunkett attends the high school. Patel teamed up with her former college, Walden University, to donate the AEDs.

The university paid for the AEDs and for teachers and coaches to learn CPR on Wednesday evening.

"CPR is the most important skill anyone can have when you're trying to save a life," said Patel.

Plunkett's family is fortunate he survived and hopes more people learn CPR.

"She's truly our angel. We'll always think of her as our angel on the field," said Plunkett's father, Patrick Plunkett Sr.

The donations are part of Walden University's "Mobilize for Good" initiative to celebrate its 50-year anniversary.

A spokesperson for Hillsborough County Schools said high schools have multiple AEDs on campus.

This donation enhances the number of AEDs at Lennard High.