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New School of Rock location in Tampa provides outlet for kids following pandemic

Posted at 2:36 PM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 11:05:28-04

CARROLLWOOD, Fla. — Many people were home singing the blues during the pandemic, but this summer, School of Rock Tampa North hopes they'll be singing a different tune.

The new franchise opened just in time to provide a variety of summer camps. In their first month, they signed up 25 new students.

Walking into the Carrollwood location, 11-year-old Adam Hurwitz wasn't just going to a music lesson; he was going back to being a kid.

"I really haven't been able to do anything at home, so I really wanted to learn an instrument, so I chose the piano because I already have a keyboard at home," said Hurwitz.

Like many of his peers, Hurwitz has been looking forward to officially breaking out from the pandemic this summer.

"I just love expressing myself in music," said Hurwitz.

Franchise owner, Chuck Roehm, believes now more than ever, kids need as many options as possible to try new things and meet new friends.

"I can think of three or four students right off the top of my head that we've just seen their personalities blossom coming here and one of the things School of Rock does is it really builds confidence," said Roehm.

School of Rock offers lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. If you don't know what you want to play, that's ok too.

"We have programs where they can try all the different instruments, whatever they gravitate towards, we can talk to the parents about putting them in a particular program," said Roehm.

During their lessons, students will be matched up and placed into bands, which will eventually perform on a real stage at a live venue.

"It's nice because I get to meet a bunch of kids my age that I have something in common with," said Hurwtiz.

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