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New haircut for a new year, people looking for drastic change in 2021

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jan 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-13 19:14:56-05

TEMPLE TERRACE — There’s a haircut that’s gaining a lot of buzz in the new year. It’s called "The Big Chop." One Temple Terrace salon says it’s the perfect analogy for how people are feeling entering 2021.

“A lot of people want to come in especially after Covid, get a new start, get a new look,” said KokoDaBarber, owner of Shear Utopia, located on 8791 N 56th Street.

KokoDaBarber said one of the most popular requests she’s received in the new year, is for "The Big Chop."

“The Big Chop" is a woman or a man, it could be a gentleman as well, so they want to cut off most of their hair, so extreme haircuts,” said KokoDaBarber.

In the case of Seweu Toussiant, she plans to shorten her hair from 18 inches down to about six.

“Moving into 2021 and leaving 2020 in the past, new energy, new me, I really just wanted to get rid of that old energy,” said Toussaint.

Whether you lost a job, or a loved one, or maybe even hope, KokoDaBarber said a new haircut is a big step to reclaiming the life you want.

“2020 was very horrible for them and they want to just start new so in the chair I get so many stories and sometimes we even get tears,” said KokoDaBarber.

She said there are so many things that were out of our control last year, it’s nice to be back in charge.

“That’s one aspect that they can grab a hold of and say, ‘I’m going to control this, I want to control how I look, how people view me,’ and it starts by the hair cut,” said KokoDaBarber.