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Multiple cats killed after someone shot them with BB gun in Tampa neighborhood

Animal Control is investigating
Posted at 10:01 PM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 23:26:23-04

TAMPA, Fla. — The Humane Society of Tampa Bay said multiple cats have died after someone shot them with a BB gun.

The incident happened in a neighborhood on West La Salle Street in Tampa.

"We don't typically see people intentionally getting their gun chasing around cats and intentionally shooting them," said Maria Matlack, with the Humane Society Tampa Bay.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay rescued a 3-month-old kitty named "Flower" after she had been shot. She had an infection around the bullet wounds.

A veterinarian went to perform surgery to insert a drain. An X-ray showed a pellet in the kitten's thigh.

"Our surgeon did open her up. They did find that her whole entire insides were completely septic so we thought the best thing to do was humanely euthanize her so unfortunately, she has passed away," said Matlack.

Investigators with Hillsborough County Animal Control have launched an investigation. Investigators interviewed people in the neighborhood.

The person responsible for killing the cats faces felony animal cruelty charges.

"We believe that this is not the first case and this will not be the last case if this person is not caught. We believe several cats have suffered from this type of abuse probably 6 or 7 or even more," said Matlack. "This is a whole other level, somebody is intentionally shooting these cats for their own amusement. We are completely disturbed and disgusted by this behavior. We really want the community to step up."

Anyone with information please call Animal Control at 813-744-5660.