Many receive red light tickets at clogged intersection

Posted at 5:22 PM, May 16, 2017

A Valrico woman fears the timing of a traffic light at a busy intersection off Bell Shoals Road is to blame for multiple red light violations.

Gina Stephan got back to back red light tickets just weeks apart in the mail, "I thought it was the same ticket I already paid," she said.

Later, she realized the time stamp and date were different.

The Valrico mother says the photo ticket clearly shows she's in the intersection, but her concern is the timing of the light that snapped her turning left twice.

"It makes me think something needs to be adjusted," she said.

Stephan says that because after posting to social media, she had multiple people in the area saying they got more than one ticket at the same intersection in just the last month.

"With everyone else experiencing multiple tickets too, that should be a red flag," she said.

Officials with Hillsborough County tell us the Public Works Department that monitors traffic signals has not had any complaints at this intersection.
They tell us signal timings and phasing change throughout the day to  help with the flow of traffic.

The county says drivers should report the signal concerns like this through public requests so field observations can be made, for possible adjustments to the signals.

You can do this at the county's Connect 24/7 site under traffic light maintenance. please add link - u can google connect 24/7

The county admits this area has more traffic because of the growth in the area.

Stephan just wants people to know yellow is probably just best to stop.