Man arrested after deputies found him 'chilling' in an air conditioning duct

Posted at 12:27 PM, Apr 14, 2017

A Tampa man was arrested after deputies found him stuck in an air conditioning duct.

Thursday evening, officers responded to 4004 W. Hamilton Ave. to find Larry G. Puleo, 47, who had warrants for probation violations including Introduction of Contraband into Detention Facility and Possession of Heroin.

When they arrived, they heard someone scurrying around in the attic. After about one hour and no response from Puleo, they searched the attic, but could not find him. Deputies checked possible escape routes and found the only other possible way out was through the A/C duct in a bedroom closet.

Deputies cut a hole in the duct and found him hiding inside. He was stuck and began pleading for deputies to get him out because he was freezing.


Officers got him out, and he was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia.

He was released and is now being held without bond.