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Local eight-year-old boy with crazy breakdancing skills wants to fulfill dreams as performer

Posted at 3:00 PM, Oct 17, 2019

DJ Loheit is an eight-year-old boy in Tampa who will never be more than four feet tall. However, what he lacks in height he makes up in dance moves. He dreams of being a famous street performer.

He was on a family vacation in California when he jumped right in with the Calypso Tumblers of Venice Beach and he’s been taking over sidewalks ever since.

DJ’s mom decided to reach out to a professional dance instructor and see just how good her son is.

“So when he first came into the studio he came in on his hands like doing a hand stand,” said instructor Manuela Oliveira. “He grabs the attention of anybody and everybody around, so I see him really getting as far as he wants.”

DJ hopes to have his own street performance group in New York City someday.

“I want to get a group of people who are the best dancers in the whole wide world like me,” said DJ.

When asked why New York, he said, “Everyone goes crazy at night.”

For more video of DJ dancing, click here.