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Local artists team up to make music video inspiring others to vote

Posted at 4:24 PM, Sep 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-19 17:34:38-04

TAMPA, Fla. — A group of Tampa Bay musicians and artists of all ages, races and backgrounds have teamed up for the first time to make a music video inspiring people to vote.

“I just wanted to reach the community and say, ‘hey get out and vote,’ we all have a voice, we all can make a difference,” said singer Tanya Lareese, who is prominently featured in the video.

“I want to make it cool, and I want to make it fun, and I want people to know how easy it is,” said singer Ashley Smith.

Lareese and Smith have been singing professionally in Tampa Bay for years, but didn’t cross paths until they were both asked to perform in the music video, “Voice Your Vote 2020.”

“Never ever thought that I would get involved in something like this, where I was convincing other people to vote, but I think it’s really important,” said Smith.

Michelle Passoff is the woman who came up with the idea behind “Voice Your Vote 2020.” Using nothing more than a Google search, she assembled over 30 singers, songwriters, musicians and production specialists from around Tampa Bay.

“Whether you are Democrat or you are Republican we believe that you should have a free and fair opportunity to let your voice be heard and we wanted to sing it out to everybody so they could be motivated,” said Passoff.

Local producer Nawledge said he never voted in any election his entire life, he thought it was too complicated. But after working on this video, he is now ready to cast his ballot.

“So as I’m getting the details I’m realizing like, ‘ok this voting stuff is easier than writing a song,’” said Nawledge.

So far, the video has received more than 100,000 views in its opening month. It can be watched in its entirety at

“We’re seeing all over the country, and I just got a notification this morning that they are watching in Japan and the Netherlands and France so you never know in this world where you are going to end up,” said Passoff.