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Lap of Love got its start in Lutz

Lap of Love
Posted at 4:50 AM, Sep 24, 2021

LUTZ, Fla. — Lap of Love, an in-home veterinary hospice and euthanasia service, got its start in Lutz.

Dr. Dani McVety-Leinen said she found a passion for this in-home service and it all started off as a part-time job.

Then, she saw the need for this service from the community and now it's nationwide.

"We help close to 500 families a month now in the Tampa Bay area," Dr. Dani McVety-Leinen, Lap of Love Founder said. "So many families, I've been in some homes five and six times over the years. And it's such an honor because you don't see them in between, but then you come back for that end-of-life experience. And it's like a shared experience that you get to hang out with them again and again."

Lap of Love also added a pet end-of-life support team. Click herefor more information on their services.