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Land O' Lakes neighborhood dance in their driveways to make social distancing music video

Posted at 1:32 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 16:16:55-04

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. — While social distancing continues, neighbors who would normally be having barbecues and block parties together, are trying to find other ways to have fun while remaining safe.

On Butterfly Kiss Drive in Land O' Lakes, neighbors decided to make a music video using the MC Hammer song “Can’t Touch This.”

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“We found out there are a lot of good dancers on this street,” said Neysa Smith.

“A great chance to have a party with our neighbors,” said Joe Justice.

“I'm glad I live next to a whole bunch of people just as weird as me,” said Carrie Zeigler.

Zeigler is the woman behind this music video. She said it’s been sad for her family not being able to plan large gatherings with their neighbors.

“It was kind of hard for us, we usually during the summer have a block party, and we are always at each other’s houses,” said Zeigler.

So she came up with a way to unify the block by making a video where everyone can dance together, at a safe distance, in their own driveways.

“I thought this was the perfect thing for our neighborhood to do because we are all very tight knit,” said Zeigler.

Thirteen households ended up participating, while a golf cart rolled down the street capturing a variety of choreography.

Smith’s driveway consisted of four generations.

“Everyone was involved, that’s what I loved about it,” said Smith.

The video immediately received thousands of hits on the neighborhood Facebook page.

“People were stopping me to tell me how much they enjoyed it,” said Smith.

Nicole Salter remembers dancing to the song back in junior high. She said this time around it was a lot more meaningful.

“Even though everyone was distant, in social distancing, we were all still together,” said Salter.