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IRS is back open but tax experts say refunds could still be delayed

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 19:01:27-05

Though the government is back up and running just in time for opening tax day, there could still be a long wait to get your money.

Many people who had questions or needed forms before filing were finally able to get some answers on Monday.

"My wife and I have been calling in for weeks now and due to the government shutdown we couldn’t get anyone on the phone, period," said Jesus Rios.

Many frustrated people like Brandy and Jesus Rios have been waiting for weeks to get some to get through to the IRS.

The reason being that even though IRS workers were called to come back and work without pay to prepare for tax season earlier this month, many of them didn’t show up until the government reopened.

Tax experts say even though the government is back open now, there’s likely a back-log of work that will need to be caught up. They also say new tax codes this year that workers are unfamiliar with could also slow things down.

The experts advise getting your taxes done as soon as possible and to double-check for errors.

"So we need to make sure that we file electronically, and we file immediately. Just in case three weeks comes and goes and there’s another shutdown, we want to make sure that the refund is processed," said Rebecca Walser, tax attorney.