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Independent book store in St. Pete bringing back nostalgia of buying a new book

Posted at 11:51 PM, Jan 14, 2020

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Independent book stores sometimes get overlooked for big chain stores and the internet.

However, there is a new shop that opened last month in St. Pete that’s trying to bring back the nostalgia of buying a book.

Opening up a new book and flipping through the pages, is an experience Tombolo Books wants to reintroduce to readers of all ages.

“The younger generations, in particular, have digital fatigue they do so much necessarily on line they want a physical experience,” said owner Alsace Walentine.

Walentine is hands on, from stacking shelves to ordering the latest titles. Books aren’t just a business, they are a passion.

She felt St. Pete shared those same feelings.

“The arts community, hungry for a contemporary book store, bringing authors into town from all around the country. That is something people love to do and they love to gather together,” said Walentine.

She also wants to add a chapter to the history of independent book stores in this area by hiring on Amanda Hurley, who worked eight years at Inkwood Books before they closed last year.

“We kind of have the same vibe going on, we want to have the store be nicely curated, we want to have book clubs, I ran a kid book club over there that I’m hoping to bring here very soon,” said Hurley.

The store really hopes to build connections between authors and readers and between their staff and the community. When you walk into the store, you might not just find a new book but also a new friend.

“You’re talking to people about books, you are going to find something that you didn’t know was out there. When you are actually looking through a book shop browsing the shelves, it’s a totally different experience than just buying online,” said Hurley.

You can click here for more information on Tombolo Books.