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Hillsborough Schools declaration of intent due Sunday at midnight

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Posted at 11:32 PM, Jul 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-19 23:32:14-04

TAMPA, Fla. -- Some big decisions are being made by parents in Hillsborough County Public Schools Sunday, as the deadline for choosing your child's method of schooling for the upcoming semester inches closer.

Hillsborough County Public Schools requires all parents to fill out a declaration of intent, where you’ll choose whether your child will be enrolled in brick and mortar schooling, e-learning, or virtual school. That declaration of intent is due Sunday night at midnight.

For any parent or guardian that doesn’t respond to the declaration, your child will be automatically enrolled in brick and mortar schooling.

Hillsborough County Public Schools has spent much of the last week answering questions for parents.

The district released this video on Thursday, outlining what brick and mortar style schooling will look like in Hillsborough County for the upcoming school year.

This includes social distancing, cleaning stations, and mask requirements; in classrooms, cafeterias and on school buses.

But for many parents, there are still lots of questions.

“It’s a bad situation that doesn’t really have a perfect answer, and definitely not for a county of 210,000+ kids,” said Frank Reyes, President of the Hillsborough PTA.

The Hillsborough PTA encourages parents to make the decision based on what is best for their family.

“Every family that we talk to seems to have a different situation,” said Reyes.

But Reyes hopes the district will be flexible for parents over the next few weeks as the pandemic evolves.

“My hope is that, even though there’s a deadline tonight, that consideration will be taken for parents who may see things that may change their mind here in the future,” said Reyes.

He says the most important thing the district and parents can do moving forward, is keep communication flowing.

“As long as you are continually emailing and asking these questions to your school board members and to your superintendent, those are things that they can consider,” said Reyes.

Superintendent Addison Davis is recommending that the first day of school be delayed by two weeks. The school board is expected to vote on that this Thursday.

Click here to fill out the declaration of intent.

Click here for more information on the different methods of learning that are available for your child.