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Hillsborough County car dealer accused of fraud

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jan 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-08 18:24:28-05

The Florida Highway Patrol arrested a Hillsborough County car dealer for selling a car he didn’t have the title to while creating several fraudulent documents in the process.

According to arrest documents, 36-year-old Eddy Rossi purchased a Honda Civic from a Honda dealership this summer using a bad check. The next month, he posted an ad to sell the car on OfferUp. The victims, who wished not to be named, responded to the ad and purchased the vehicle for $11,000 plus $225 in fees.

The car has since been repossessed and the victims have not received a refund, according to victims' statements.

Rossi sent the victims fraudulent lien documents, title, registration and even put a fake temporary plate on the vehicle, according to the victims and investigators.

Investigators believe there could be more victims of fraud connected to his businesses.

Rossi’s latest business is called E&L Auto LLC. He was also the owner of Rossi Motors LLC.

According to state records, he’s been involved in several other businesses including a furniture store, consulting firm and property investment.

FHP is asking for anyone who thinks they could be the victim of fraud at the hands of Rossi to contact troopers.