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Heritage Elementary school uses 7 mindsets curriculum to promote positivity

Live to Give
Posted at 7:52 AM, Sep 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-23 10:36:48-04

"It helps me if I'm having a rough day to remind myself, alright, put your passion first or live to give or attitude of gratitude, like, things aren't so bad. And to remind myself, this school has such a good atmosphere and the students all have so much love to give. It's just, it's just a wonderful place to work here," said Stephanie Scheno, Art Teacher at Heritage Elementary.

Live to Give. That's what the mural at Heritage Elementary is supposed to represent. Scheno and her students created the mural last year after one of the seven mindsets.

"They are just, you know, ways of thinking that you heard the kids thinking positive, everything is possible things that we know, but sometimes we forget. So we are also our real authentic selves, too," explained School Counselor Andrea Simpson. "We make mistakes too, but we get back up, and we keep trying. And that's what we want to model for them. Because those are life lessons for them. So we've really the staff has embraced it,."

The seven mindsets is Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Heritage Elementary is one of about a dozen schools in Hillsborough County that uses it.

The seven mindsets are:

  • Everything is Possible
  • Passion First
  • We are Connected
  • 100% Accountable
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Live to Give
  • The Time is Now

We spoke to seven kids at Heritage about the curriculum, and it's something they seem to enjoy.

"The mindsets, it can help you to become to become a good person and have a great life," said one student.

"So the mindsets like help you grow as a person," said another.

"That teaches you 100% accountable that when something comes out like a word, you own it, and you can't put it back in," another student said.

When asked if adults should learn this curriculum, it was a resounding "Yes!"