Florida officer stops to thank good Samaritan for help during time of mourning

Posted at 5:14 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 17:14:33-04

While on his way to the funeral of two Florida law enforcement officers, Sergeant Scott Osarczuk found himself stranded off Interstate 4 with a flat tire. 

Sgt. "Oz" was on his way to Orlando to help honor fallen Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton and Orange County Sheriff Deputy Norman Lewis when his department-issued SUV broke down. 

The veteran police sergeant said everyone passed him at the service station he pulled over at, "people went in and out," he said, "they didn't even give me a second look or a second glance."

Osarczuk was already dressed in his full honor guard uniform, so was unable to change the tire as he was on the phone with his supervisors.

"I just didn't want to be late for that," he said. 

That's when a Plant City man pulled up to the service center to offer a helping hand. 

While on his way to work, Rollie Watson, overheard the police sergeant on the phone saying he needed help. 

"I just threw my orange juice in the truck and said hey, I'm here to help ya," said Watson.

Watson, a supervisor for Ring Power Corporation has worked on heavy equipment for almost three decades, "I've worked engines, transmissions, and tractors."

The tire change was almost second nature to him. 

On Tuesday, nearly three months later, touched by his generosity, Sergeant Osarczuk reached out to Watson's supervisors to thank him. 

"Don't recognize me," exclaimed Osarczuk inside the Ring Power lobby located in Riverview. 

With a hand shake and a hug, Osarczuk stood before Watson and his company to thank him for helping during a time of mourning for law enforcement personnel. 

"I was frustrated, I was angry for the purpose of which I was going to Orlando, and he (Watson) took that away from me."

With a deep breath, Watson, wiped a tear from his eye, he was left speechless.