New surveillance video shows electrical box transformer explosion

Residents want help getting power back on
Posted at 11:15 PM, May 02, 2017

New surveillance video released shows the electrical box transformer explosion.




On Sunday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. an electrical box transformer exploded in the Osprey Run community. Days after the fire was put out and the box replaced residents have warm freezers and rotting food.

“I have these boxes to throw all of my food away,” Leora Lastinger said. 

Lastinger said Tampa Electric Company fixed the box and her homeowners association got an electrician out immediately to fix the wiring. But, the final approval from Hillsborough County to energize the homes hasn’t happened.

“I'm wondering what the heck is going on it is mind boggling,” Lasting said. “It has taken so long. \They said they can't come out tonight. It's a 50 percent chance they will come out tomorrow. They need to do something for us and get this hooked up because there are so many displaced families.”

Lastinger said her husband is staying at a hotel because he needs a machine to breath for him while he sleeps. She is sweating it out at home and taking care of their dogs.

“It’s miserable, miserable,” Lasting said. 

“I can't take the heat I get nauseas and dizzy,” Gale Cousins said. “People need the electricity we are in Tampa, in Florida, it is a hot state yes we need the electricity. People are suffering.”

TECO officials say once Hillsborough County inspectors sign off on the work the homes will be energized and residents will have power. There is no timetable set for when that could happen.

Engineers are still on sight doing a thorough review to nail down what caused the explosion. They expect to know why it happened within two to three weeks.