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Citizens group pushing to improve Hillsborough transportation

Petition to let voters decide tax hike
Posted at 5:59 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 04:26:57-04

A grassroots effort is underway to try and make massive improvements to how we all get around Hillsborough County, from fixing the roads to the bus system and more.

The group is called All for Transportation and they want voters to decide on raising the sales tax to pay for road and transit improvements.

The plan would increase sales tax in Hillsborough County by one cent for every dollar spent.

Instead of waiting for county and city leaders to push the issue of a transportation fix, Tyler Hudson is leading a group of citizens who are ready to do it themselves.

“I think it really indicates how frustrated people are with the status quo: the status quo that just costs too much,” said Hudson.

Past efforts to increase the sales tax for road improvements never got off the ground.

That’s why All for Transportation is using a petition to get on the November ballot.

They say it’s a countywide problem that affects everything from safety, to the job market, and quality of life.

Projections have the sales tax increase bringing in $280 million a year.

55% would go to Hillsborough County and its cities for road maintenance and projects to improve traffic flow.

44% goes to HART for the bus system and other mass transit.

And 1% would go toward planning and development.

There will also be a citizen-led oversight committee to make sure everyone spends the money correctly.

All for Transportation has a mix of Democrats and Republicans and leaders say their mission is non-partisan.

Tampa Major Bob Buckhorn is already a supporter. 



“The mayor asked for a petition so we will try and bring him the first one if we can,” said Hudson.

All for Transportation needs 50,000 signatures by July 27 to get on the ballot.

That work will start next week all around Hillsborough County.