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Canviiy ScalpBliss Serum is now a national success for inventive Tampa entrepreneur

Sherrel Sampson created the soothing serum after a painful trip to a beauty salon
Canviiy ScalpBliss Serum
Posted at 6:44 AM, Mar 01, 2023

TAMPA, Fla. — Sherrel Sampson is a nationwide success thanks to a bad trip to a beauty salon.

"One day, I got some extensions, wanted to look cute," said the entrepreneur, "and my scalp was on fire when I got home. And my stylist said you can either wash your hair or take the extensions out. And I was like, I just paid all this money, and there is no way I'm taking them out!"

What Sampson did instead, a true feat of hard work and innovation has changed the lives not just of women in beauty salons — but of patients at Tampa's Moffitt Cancer Center as well.

This is a success story every which way.

Through trial and error, blending minerals and antioxidants in a healthy alternative to scalp care medications, Sampson created Canviiy ScalpBliss Serum, a soothing organic-based relief for scalp irritation and itchiness.

The first Tampa store to give her product shelf space? Pamela Thompson's My Shade & Texture beauty supply show.

"I have customers in tears because Canviiy is the product that is finally giving them results," said Thompson.

Canviiy might have started as a small business being supported by other small businesses, but all that changes this week.

Canviiy products — five different items at this point — will now appear on store shelves at Walmart, the world's biggest retailer.

"The journey has been unbelievable," Sampson said with a humble smile. "Tears, long nights, tenacity, and having the drive to never give up!"

But wait — there's more.

Perhaps the most fulfilling part of the Canviiy story is where else it's helping: at the Magnolias Salon at the Moffitt Cancer Center, where patients dealing with the effects of chemotherapy also find relief with Canviiy.

"I can't keep it on the shelves," said Denise Green, the salon's supervisor. "Patients are just like, wow!"