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Brick City Bricks helps bring Plant City community together

Brick City Bricks
Posted at 5:04 AM, Jun 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 07:58:26-04

PLANT CITY, Fla. — Downtown Plant City is finding its way with new, locally-owned shops.

Brick City Bricks started in downtown Plant City a few years ago. It's the area's very own LEGO store.

Inside you'll find everything you could ever want to build from mini characters to giant builds.

"It's almost like therapy. It's a lot of fun. And then it's like that satisfaction when you're done and saying wow, how awesome that looks, or just to see how it goes together too because it's really amazing how Lego goes together," Greg Williams, owner of Brick City Bricks said. "The inside looks nothing like the outside does, the inside could be 45 different colors and gears and all this stuff. But the outside was a beautiful car."

Brick City Brick has turned into a little community of its own, too.

"As we say it takes one. You get a first-timer in here, they look around. It's like the Saturn V you like the Saturn V. You'll take it home, build it, all of a sudden about a week later, they're back in here, guess what? They're hooked. They're buying another Lego. And then that's all it really takes," explained Williams.

The shop will also hold watch parties for a popular LEGO show and other events for kids and families.

You can read more and find out how to get involved by clicking here.