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Moratorium puts rezoning in south Hillsborough county on pause

Posted at 3:04 PM, Oct 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 08:07:49-04

A Hillsborough County commissioner wants to help the sprawl that’s happening in the south part of the county.

In a commission meeting on Wednesday, Commissioner Stacy White asked for a moratorium to be placed on rezoning applications effective October 2.

A moratorium is the delay or suspension of an activity or law.

This moratorium will only be enacted in an area known as RP-2; the Balm Riverview, Rhodine area of Riverview.

This move will stop developers from rezoning open land in that zone.

Commissioner White tells ABC Action News that there’s still thousands of acres in that area that could go up for rezoning.

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This moratorium does not impact permitting, just rezoning.

It will, however, help stop new building on land parcels that aren’t rezoned yet.

Developers who submitted their rezoning in this section of Riverview before October 2 will still be able to move forward with their planned developments.

“So, if a property is already rezoned they already have their density entitlements, we can’t stop them from getting their permitting and building, so anything that’s already rezoned will move forward but we still have thousands of acres in that area that’s not yet rezoned,” said White.

Commissioners voted for the county attorney’s office to draft an ordinance and to bring them to two public hearings on this — first October 16 and then November 6.

Other commissioners said they’re worried about other sections in the southern part of the county and could consider this in those sections, like Wimauma down the road.

“The Wimauma Village was brought up today,” said White. “Yes, I think we’ll have future discussions on that issue.”