Sheriff's office combats aggressive drivers

Posted at 8:45 PM, Mar 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 00:04:27-04

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies are out in full force, targeting aggressive drivers.


“One crash a day would be really a lot better than where we are right now,” Lieutenant Donald Morris said.


Lt. Morris said people speeding, skipping stop signs and tailgating cause accidents. 


“People are always in a hurry.  They don’t leave with enough time to get where they want to go so they speed, tailgate and change lanes abruptly,” he said. 


Deputies are trying to stop those behaviors, especially in the wake of a tragedy that hit their own office hard. Deputy John Kotfila Jr. was hit and killed by a wrong way driver earlier this month.


“Every emotion you can describe we have all felt at the sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies in the last few weeks, in regards to the loss of one of our own, through a wrong way driver who was impaired by the way, it is something that is 100% preventable,” Lt. Morris said. 


He said that’s why they’re pulling over aggressive drivers, but a good day would be not writing a single ticket. 


“We really didn’t have a lot of stops or citations issued because everybody was doing the right thing and being responsible, that’s a success,” Lt. Morris said. 


Deputies will be out again Thursday, looking for aggressive drivers. Make sure you slow down and buckle up.