Brandon family posts signs to Christmas light thieves

Laser displays stolen this weekend
Posted at 4:19 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-19 16:19:08-05

You could call Linda Radtke the queen of Christmas.

"We love Christmas. It's our favorite time of year," said Radtke.

Her house has five very unique trees.

"This is the chili pepper/Day of the Dead tree. The star up on top is actually chili peppers and garlic," she said while describing one of the trees.

And all her decor, is actually scaled down .

"As we get older, it's harder for us, for my husband mostly, to climb up in the trees and put the lights on the roof like we used to," Radtke said.

Someone damaged their holiday inflatables a few years ago. This year they put out a couple of those popular motion laser light displays. But exactly one week before Christmas, a scrooge came by and ripped it from the ground.

"Just a rude obnoxious thing to do," said Radtke.

She went on Facebook to vent.

"You must be really desperate to ruin someone else's holiday," she wrote..

"But then my husband said, look Linda, they're not going to see it on there. Whoever took this is not a friend," said Radtke.

So this weekend, she slapped these big signs on the lamp post in front of her home.

"I hope the lights guide Santa to your house and his reindeer stomp on your head and his sleigh runs over your Grinchy self!" the sign reads.

She's hoping the thieves, and any other would-be Grinches, will see it.

"Just realize that the little bit of money or maybe little bit of pleasure they get from it, they took a lot more from us.  They took maybe a little piece of mind.   I'm not one to sit back and be quiet.  I want them to know--it's just wrong," said Radtke.

But she's not letting the small set-back disrupt her family's holiday. She's just planning to strap a cement block, wrapped like a present, to any future light displays.