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Take a tour of Sebring's Military Sea Services Museum

Military Sea Services Museum
Posted at 4:55 AM, Oct 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 11:15:25-04

SEBRING, Fla. — The Military Sea Services Museum building sits in a piece of history itself.

It was actually the Housing Administration Building used in Sebring as part of WWII.

It was in 1999 that it was turned into a museum and is now full of donated military memorabilia and replicas.

"As young men and women, you know, when you're 20-something years old, and you have military experience, it leaves an impression on you," John Edward Cecil, President- Military Sea Services Museum said."That never leaves, you carry it on through your whole life, good, bad or indifferent. And so that's why we bill ourselves as this is where history comes alive. Because it does come alive."

Every tour inside will leave a lasting impression because the tour is unique.

"It's a labor of love. And people come in, they fall in love with it our docents, you know, we have a training program for them. Because we want them to succeed and feel comfortable in what they're doing. And we want the people to be able to, you know, you lose your audience after a while. So you got to figure out how to maintain your audience," explained Cecil.

Admission is always free but donations are always welcome to keep the building up and running.

Tours last about 45 minutes but chances are you'll stay here a lot longer. Expect to learn a lot of history.

"We all believe that you know, war is a failure for people to communicate, and available to talk and sounds like a marriage. You know, when you quit talking to each other, you're failed. But anyway, we don't promote war in any way. That's not the answer. And we believe that, but we do promote people serving their countries and learning and growing," says Cecil.

The experience is something you'll never forget.

Click here for more information on the museum and how you can get involved or get a tour.