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Circle Theatre offers art-related activities, programs for kids

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Posted at 4:52 AM, Oct 22, 2021

SEBRING, Fla. — Sebring's Circle Theatre has a rich history but today it serves as an escape for children to take part in art-related activities and programs, and it's also a rental venue.

The theatre first opened in 1923.

"Early settlers of Sebring flocked to the Theatre to get away from the oppressive heat and mosquitoes, especially during the summer months. Silent movies were shown in the 1920s, and FDR had fireside chats to the audience in the 1940s during WWII," Harry Harvey, the theatre's manager said in an email.

In the following decades, the theatre was a nightclub under various names. It started out as Sparks Disco in the 70s, then it remained empty until it was remodeled into City Lights, a teen club, in 1986. City Lights then transitioned into an adult's nightclub in the early 90s and was later named The Cage.

The Cage closed its door and remained closed until 2011. That was when The Champion for Children Foundation started to restore the building for future generations.

After three years of renovations, the Circle Theatre opened. In 2017, it was restructured to focus on bringing beneficial prevention programs and enhanced services to local families. Mission-focused programs provide community trainings, support groups, educational events, and family resources. Also be on the lookout for local band performances, youth art shows, and more community events.

The theatre shut down and was unused due to COVID-19 until October 9. Harvey is in the process of turning the theatre into a venue for live music again and there are already more than 35 shows scheduled between now and April 2022.

"We are seeking concert sponsors so that all of our 2021-22 season shows can be made free to the public. Donations are accepted at our concerts with 100% of money received given to The Champion for Children Foundation. The theatre is available for rent for weddings, receptions, conferences etc. Call Harry at 863-381-6831 for details."

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Circle Theatre posters.png

To learn more about the theatre and the work done by The Champion for Children Foundation, click here.