Records show history of welfare checks on grandmother neglected to death by grandson

Posted at 7:31 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 21:19:51-04

CITRUS SPRINGS, Fla. — A family is in mourning after a Citrus County grandmother was found in a shallow grave. Her grandson, 36-year-old Arthur Miller, is accused of neglecting her to death and burying her body.

"She was so innocently hilarious," said Marsha Miller, daughter-in-law of Ecie Gabrielsen.

Florida man allegedly neglected grandmother to point of death, buried her, tried to flee country

Miller says for four years she helped care for her mother-in-law Ecie Gabrielsen who had dementia. 

"She’s no stranger to tragedy," said Miller.

Miller says Gabrielsen's two sons were both killed, one murdered and the other, Miller's husband, was lost at sea 20 years ago. 

Miller says in 2016 Gabrielsen's grandson Arthur Miller came to live with her and be her caretaker.

"I saw him every week and if he needed help he just had to ask," said Miller.

Miller says she would still take Gabrielsen to dinner every week but she was never allowed inside.
"I feel like he didn’t want to give up her monthly check and her home to get the help he needed," said Miller

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office says they were called twice this year to do welfare checks on Gabrielsen. Miller says DCF interviewed her about Arthur's care of Gabrielsen. But when we spoke with DCF they said they couldn’t give us the information because it was not public record.

"I’ve had a sinking feeling for two weeks," said Miller.

Miller says recently Arthur would make excuses why Gabrielsen couldn’t go to dinner with her.

On Friday, deputies went to the home to do a welfare check finding it in deplorable conditions and no sign of Gabrielsen. 

Arthur Miller, who had fled to New Mexico with his girlfriend, Vivian Gutierrez, finally admitted to neglecting his grandmother to death and then burying her in the woods near her home.

"I’m angry and trying very hard not to hate him, but it's not working," said Miller.

Both Arthur Miller and Vivian Gutierrez were arrested and charged with one felony count of neglect and Miller is charged with one felony count of gross abuse of a human body. CCSO says additional charges are pending.