Policy change may allow Hernando County workers with permits to concealed carry while on the job

Posted at 5:20 PM, May 03, 2018

HERNANDO COUNTY Fla. — Starting next week, Hernando County workers who have a concealed carry permit may soon be allowed to carry their guns to work.

"They should have a right to defend," said Hernando County Commission Chairman Steve Champion. 
Champion also owns American Gun and Pawn.

"Hernando County is a pro second amendment county and I’m pro second amendment," he said. 

The county’s current policy prohibits county workers from carrying a weapon while on the job.

"I asked several weeks ago to add this to the agenda to change the policy and allow any concealed weapons holder to carry when appropriate," said Champion. 

At the meeting on Tuesday, May 8, commissioners will vote on whether or not to change the policy.

"We’re not going to tell them when or where or if they even should carry, but they should have the right under the constitution," said Champion. 

And many people agree that county workers should have the right to protect themselves at home as well as at work.

"Your second amendment rights allows you to protect yourselves and I think that government on all levels, even at the county should enforce those second amendment rights," said Stew Bear, a Hernando County resident.

Since the county is so rural, some say that's even more of a reason they should be able to concealed carry while working.

"They have to keep themselves safe and protected," said Amber Barrett, a Hernando County resident.

If passed, county workers would have to abide by gun laws and not carry into places like the courthouse, schools, and law enforcement buildings. 

"We should not restrict their constitutional right, in my opinion. Now we still have to vote on it and we have to get a majority to pass this but I believe it will pass unanimously," said Champion.