On August 2, Patricia Keohane of Floral City, says a storm blew the roof off her house

Posted at 1:47 PM, Aug 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-08 18:59:39-04

Patricia Keohane's roof is now her Floral City backyard.

"I was just really in shock, still am when I come out here and look at it," said Keohane.

Keohane and her husband Bob were at home when out of a nowhere a strong storm came upon their street August 2nd around 8 p.m. Keohane was watching television and her husband was in the shower.

"I ust heard this roar like and I heard my roof just kind of peel off sort of like a zipper going zip zip zip like that," Keohane recalled.

With the storm bringing darkness, Keohane was unaware her roof was no longer attached to her home.

Instead, she was in for a huge surprise when she walked out into her backyard.  There was her aluminum roof crumpled up like an accordion.

The family told ABC Action News they have no insurance and are unable to fix the roof.

Keohane says the family is worried about the potential of six to eight inches of rain falling in the area by Tuesday night.

She explained it is raining inside the family's home.

"I am starting to get worried about mold," she said.

The family has been putting out jars and buckets to collect the rainwater.  There are also towels lining the floors to mop up pooling water.

"Various areas, we are going to have to take down part of the ceiling," she said.

Multiple contractors have been out to give the family an estimate for repairs, but the family says they are just too pricey.  Instead, they are living with the elements and relying on prayers to get them through the next couple days of storms.

"We've been through a lot and we just have to keep a positive outlook, it will resolve itself," Keohane said while crying.