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Military family that has moved 20 times in 16 years gets brand new mortgage-free permanent home

Posted at 7:35 PM, Nov 28, 2017

Steve Surface is a U.S. Army Veteran, and Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient

He’s always had a passion to serve his county, but that passion has led him and is family to move 20 times in 16 years.

Those moves have been hard on his nine-year-old daughter, Carly Ann.

She said, “I’ve lost so many friends that I sort of distance myself from others because I’m scared of losing them again.”

But thanks to an organization called Operation Homefront working together with Sears, the Surface family was selected from over 100 applicants to be given a free brand new home in Spring Hill. 

Surface said, “Growing up, my grandfather and father had always said that the American dream is owning your own home, it’s not being rich or anything else, and now we have that.”

And now that Steve is retired from the Military, Carly Ann can grow up in her new home and make friends to keep. 

John Gray, President and CEO of Operation Homefront said, "This has actually changed and reshaped their entire lives and now they have a foundation upon which they can built a brighter future."

Operation Homefront created the Homes on the Homefront program with the assistance of corporate partners to award mortgage-free homes to our nation's veterans and military families. The homes are donated by corporate partners, including Sears, and other major financial service companies. To donate to Operation Homefront visit: