Hernando Sheriff warns citizens about door-to-door salesman scam

Posted at 10:58 AM, May 17, 2018

Sheriff Al Nienhuis is warning Hernando County citizens about a door-to-door salesman scam. 

Multiple cases of door-to-door salesmen knocking on doors of elderly citizens and then forcing their way in when the elderly resident answers the door are under investigation. 

At least four times, so-called salesman forced their way in to homes after elderly victims opened the door.

Once inside the homes, the "salesman" tries to sell the elderly residents various food products, usually meat or fish and when the resident refuses to buy the products, the salesman proceeds to stock the resident's freezer with the products and then demands money. 

“They want to accommodate people. They don’t talk to people. They are starved for conversation so naturally some slick criminal or somebody like that will be taken in and it’s very unfortunate,” said one Spring Hill neighbor.

Sheriff Nienhuis says "the elderly population is often easily intimidated and agrees to pay for the product."

The Hernando Sheriff’s Office says the salesmen are also thieves, taking valuables from the home while their victims are distracted.

Detectives are advising residents not to open their doors for any salesman or to anyone they don't know personally. 

The Sheriff is urging residents who receive a knock on their door by someone from this group to call the Hernando County Sheriff's Office at 352-754-6830. 

The Sheriff’s Office says they are close to one arrest, but their could be others involved.

Deputies are asking residents to try and take note of the make/model/color of the vehicle these "salesmen" are traveling  in and the direction they're headed.