Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis clarifies that Hernando County is not a sanctuary county

Posted at 12:00 PM, Apr 06, 2017

Sheriff Al Nienhuis issued a statement declaring Hernando is not a sanctuary county after learning it was on the list.

"First, this nonofficial group falsely labeled Hernando County as a sanctuary city due to the fact that we require probable cause supported by an affidavit or a warrant from a judge to hold a suspected alien," the Sheriff's office said. "Upsetting to this organization, is that we refuse to violate the United States or Florida Constitution in detaining any individual without probable cause as required by the Fourth Amendment. This measure is required to hold any person in a jail prior to sentencing or official charging." 

"Rest assured we are not a sanctuary county, what we're going to do is follow the law in every instance. If an individual comes to Hernando County and breaks the law they will receive no sanctuary," HCSO said.

Between Feb. 11-17, 32 jurisdictions declined 65 detainers issued by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement ( I.C.E.).

Four of those were in Florida, three charged and one convicted.

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