Frustrated family of five living in hotel for more than a month while waiting on FEMA help

Posted at 8:02 PM, Oct 26, 2017

A family has been living in a hotel for more than a month after their home was flooded by Hurricane Irma.
When the flooding was at its highest along the Withlacoochee River the water came feet into the home. The family of five has been staying in hotel ever since, waiting for a FEMA inspector to come and look at the damage. 
Krystal Stemen, mother of three, said, "The hardest part is not knowing from day to day if we’re going to be asked to leave the hotel and have to find another one." 
The hotel they were staying at has rooms reserved for this weekend. So now they have to change hotels.  
Stemen says she signed up for FEMA assistance on September 13th. She hadn’t heard anything back from them until she reached her breaking point Thursday morning.
Stemen said, "I kind of went off on them on the phone and basically we have an inspector coming today." 
She said, "The waiting game is the most frustrating part. The only thing I can say to those people is don’t give up."
But the fight to stay strong has been a difficult one. Stemen says she has to for her kids. "My kids, all they keep asking for is if we’re going to have a home for Christmas, that’s the main thing." 
We reached out to United Way who will be meeting with Stemen tomorrow to help assist her in finding affordable housing for her family.