Wave of daytime burglars striking Hernando County

Similar crimes happening in neighboring counties
Posted at 6:20 PM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 18:20:09-04

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said burglars have broke into about ten homes in the middle of the day.

Because a lot of the homes in the area are spread out, investigators said the thieves are actually driving around the houses to see if anyone’s home. They then ring the door bell and if all is clear, bust down the front door.

Molly Peyton happened to be there when someone tried to break in to her Brooksville house. In her case, it happened at night and she headed right for the garage where the noise was coming from.

“Well I took my guns and went. My husband is deaf, so I didn’t bother to wake him up.”

She said shouldn’t wouldn’t think twice about using her guns on a thief

“If there was somebody in the garage, I would have shot him."

Most of the break-ins that have happened in recent weeks are in the middle of the day. The Sheriff’s office said thieves are striking in neighborhoods off Spring Lake Highway.

“They are finding properties that are in rural areas where you don’t have a next door neighbor. Your next door neighbor might be 5 or 10 acres away,” said spokesperson Denise Moloney.

The Sheriff’s Office said it more important than ever to set alarms if you have them, look out for your fellow neighbor, and report anything suspicious. 

The thieves are stealing jewelry, coins and in some cases, they’ve gotten away with guns.

“So they are armed, even if they weren’t when they went in there, when they come out,” said Moloney.

Meanwhile Peyton said she’ll be ready again if anyone ever comes back.

“Let them know, I’m not scared of them.”

These kinds of break-ins aren’t just happening in Hernando County, investigators said they are going on in neighboring counties too.