CCSO: Preschool owner arrested for meth

Posted at 4:18 PM, Apr 05, 2016

A 44-year-old preschool owner is accused of meth possession.

Cassandra Romanik, 44, of 9327 W. Wisconsin Street in Cyrstal River, is now facing felony drug possession charges.

Romanik owns Countryside Preschool Inc off Citrus Avenue.

Citrus County deputies say they pulled Romanik over during a traffic stop near NE 3rd Avenue around noon Monday.

Deputies told ABC Action News during questioning, Romanik admitting to having drugs when asked if she had anything illegal in the car or on her person.

Romanik reportedly told deputies she got the meth from a friend at a bar and did not want to get in trouble for having it.

She took a crinkled dollar bill out of her front right pocket and inside the crinkled dollar bill was two separate baggies containing meth, deputies said.

According to deputies, Romanik admitted her friend gave her the drugs and it was for her personal use.

Romanik claimed she did not use meth regularly, an arrest affidavit states.

She is being held on $2,000 bond.