Memorial for Brooksville student in fatal crash

Posted at 6:46 AM, Oct 02, 2015

After fatal crash, Brooksville's Central High School football team will honor QB Sebastian Rivera at the game Friday night.  The celebration of  his life is set for Saturday.

The entire community is mourning after the 16-year-old died Sunday.  Sebastian was the football team's quarterback and was in a motorcycle accident on his way to school last week.

"His smile lit up a room.  Every time you saw him, he was always smiling,"  head football coach Chris Sands said. 

A sign outside the school sums up what so many inside are feeling, "Our hearts and thoughts are with Sebastian."

"He wasn't just our quarterback, he was our leader. We went to him every single game and expected him to lead our football team and that's what he did," Sands said. 

Sebastian was in a motorcycle crash Tuesday, September 15, on his way to school. He died Sunday and the Central High School community is hurting. 

"The picture in my head is always of Sebastian with that smile on his face and that will never leave me until the day I die," Sands said.

Sands said one teammate Sebastian was closest to was his younger brother Josh, who will now wear number 3, to honor Sebastian. 

"Obviously it hurts to lose your best friend and that's what Sebastian was to Josh," Sands said. "After next season when Josh leaves and goes to college we will retire Sebastian's number around here."

In school, hundreds of students are wearing t-shirts with the number 3. 

Support is pouring in online, on Twitter, Facebook and through a GoFundMe page. 

"We will always honor Sebastian and dedicate the rest of the season to him in everything we do," Sands said.

You can connect to Sebastian's GoFundMe page here: