Brooksville family flees intoxicated intruder

Posted at 4:07 PM, May 18, 2016
A Brooksville family locked themselves in the upstairs of their home Tuesday to get away from an intoxicated man who broke through a sliding glass door on their home, police said.
Chad Sutherland, 29, of Spring Hill mistakenly thought he was at a nearby apartment complex, according to Brooksville Police Department. He was searching for an acquaintance of his ex-girlfriend named Jason. 
The family locked themselves upstairs and called 911 to report that Sutherland, whom they don’t know, had broken into their pool screen and was trying to enter their home, police said.
When officers arrived, they found Sutherland in the driveway covered in blood, police said. He was yelling for someone named Jason, police said, saying he was going to harm him.
Sutherland had deep cuts all over his body from breaking the glass door, police said.
He was arrested on a charge of burglary to an occupied dwelling.