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Benefit concert to help little girl with Autism fundraise for service dog

Concert to feature Roy Tosh
Posted at 5:13 PM, Nov 02, 2017

One Hernando County family has done a lot to help their daughter with Autism, but now they need help getting her something she desperately needs, a service dog.

Amanda Mullen has lived in Hernando County her whole life, until two years ago. Her family moved to Winter Garden so her daughter could attend a special school for children with Autism. 

Amanda's daughter Melia loves to laugh, give hugs, and loves to escape.

Amanda said, "she's always messing with the locks, trying to open the doors and windows."

She tries to get out so much that every door in the house has special locks and alarms.

"It would be a much better piece of mind knowing that there’s another safety measure," Amanda said.

That's why they’re having a fundraiser to try and raise $25,000 for an Autism service dog that is specifically trained for kids that like to wander. 

The benefit concert and silent auction is Friday, November 10 at Showcase Winter Garden. It's featuring Melia’s favorite artists, Roy Tosh and 100 percent of the proceeds go to help sweet Melia get a safety dog.